Oshu Bisou is an entity based in Tokyo, Japan, delivering products to a global clientele with an idea of exchanging or combining Eastern and Western cultures through fashion.

It is a multicultural, cross-disciplinary fashion house operated by various talents and experts.


Fashion refers to any excessive or active in all aspects of fashion business and related administration.

We believe that "Fashion" - the self-conscious use of a distinctive style is not only found in garments and accessories. Perhaps such concept can be found in interiors, art, music, and even literature as we believe any object and mannerism that serves people and society that enriches one's daily life can be "Fashion."

Administration refers to creative processes from conceptualization to realization of all business aspect of the entity such as marketing, consultancy, design, fabrication, manufacturing, collaborations,  licensing, sales, public relations, promotion, management, logistics, and import/export.

All the different branches influence and drive each other synergistically. It creates a broad interaction range that allows and makes our business unique.

Here we are merging what appears to be opposites.

​The Japanese Way of serving with a touch of innocence and gratitude.

The Italian Way of delivering with a scent of elegance and attitude.

Welcome to

Oshu Bisou